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MINI MS4035 Spotlight 3W



MINI MS5020 Spotlight 3W



MINI MS5022 Spotlight 3W



MINI MS5035 Spotlight 3W


Nelux Architectural lighting design company,  We offer a huge products range specifically for architectural lighting applications and high-end lighting projects. The main benefits of pour products are low power consumption and high reliability an emphasis on keeping the operational costs sensible and a user-friendly experience. Our LED lighting products utilize only the best and most current components. Valentiae is the architectural lighting products brand of nelux, specialized in custom manufacturing tooling machining  lighting products for your lighting projects and design your own light fixtures. Since 1995 in the custom made light fixtures in Europe and since 2010 working as lighting product designers and we make your own lighting fixtures. As lighting products consultancy we manage custom mold making and injection molding, we make your own molds and as custom lighting manufacturers we design the product as you want from HK to the worldWith 25 years of experience, we put our knowledge at your service in our consultancy for the execution of all processes from the design and creation of a lighting product to its production, Check our free tooling machining

process to serve you. 


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Since 1995 a long way has passed. We started in Europe the custom made light fixtures and since 2010 working as lighting product designers. we make your own lighting fixtures. As custom mold making consultants and injection molding, we make your own molds and as custom lighting manufacturers we design the product as you want from HK to the world. We are in lighting market and tooling machining for almost 25 years and any doubt or question feel free to contact us 

What We Do

We carry out the production process from the design of new parts custom manufacturing to obtaining the finished product ready for sale.


We are experts at ODM and customization


led down lights

led track light

linear light

IP44 led downlight

led ceiling light

led downlights valentiae collection
track head light valentiae collection
linear light valenntiae collection
ip65 downlights valentiae collection
ceiling light valentiae collection







Wide range of custom manufacturing , assembling and standard products

Our wide range of products features exceptional quality-price ratios and is supported by important lighting designers in Europe and America. The wide range of our collection of finished products compromise all  areas of architectural lighting although it will be complemented with our custom manufacturing products that will show a special character for each of our clients, for which the products have been designed.

Valentiae reserves the right to modify features and materials of the product in order to improve .  its qualities, design, specifications and performance are subject to change without notice

how we work which are valentiae's targets? 


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