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In this section or page of our website we present biweekly a product indicating the technical characteristics, its functionality, efficiency and showing the possibilities of application to your lighting projects, our objective is that you know more in depth both the components and applications of our products . Allinnone serie products have a 3 year Warranty.

Table of contents ALLINONE serie

1. general data

2. application ideas

3. technical features

4. data sheet and prices

5. how to import

6. video

7. contact us

1.ALLINONE general data

The ALLINONE serie, is a very versatile product, with different power 5W/10W. It is a downlight applicable for its range of powers and lumens to projects such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, private houses, offices, in short a variety of applications for the project lighting designers want.

Allinone 5W/10W
allin1 BACK.png

2.ALLINONE application ideas

The product chosen for these 15 days is 5W/10W allinone serie here we attach some ideas of its application to projects such as living rooms and different rooms within a house, apartment or hotel. Given the variety of powers that the ALLINONE serie has, the possibilities for your projects are wide.

Application ideas

3.ALLINONE Technical features

Recessed downlight metal light body, long lifespan

1. Power adjustable, 5W \10W

2. 4 CCT changeable, 2700K - 3000K - 4000K -5000K

3. Triac dimmable, Flicker Free, PF>0.854.

4. Metal light body,

5. long lifespan

6. 3 years warranty

4.ALLINONE Data sheet and Price


If you have doubts or unresolved questions about how to import, contact us, we will respond immediately.


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