How to light a hotel room


An excess or defect in the lighting a hotel room will cause vision problems, the quality and adequate levels and distribution of lighting in the area to be illuminated are very important, we need light to help people feel better.

When we arrive at a hotel for work or pleasure, the first thing we want to do is leave the suitcase, lie down on the bed, or take a shower in the bathroom. For all this it is essential to have adequate light, and on multiple occasions, it has happened to us that we have arrived in the room, we turn on the light and we say to ourselves, no light here, my gosh¡

Big problem ,being that we cannot work properly with our laptop, cannot read for a while, or look at our mobile. We are going to explain in greater detail those aspects that we consider necessary for lighting up a hotel room.

nelux application ideas
Hong Kong hotel with lamp shades

Considering the fact that each of us perceives the light in a different way, therefore it will be necessary that the fixtures can be individually switched on and regulated directly by the guests, so as to facilitate their use: the environment is new for the guest, therefore it is good that you also provide a control panel at the side of the bed, easily interpretable.

There are different lighting needs for working, reading and relaxation areas in the room. Therefore, different types of lighting elements should be used together in the room.

Double rooms should have separate task lighting for both guests. These lights should be controlled separately. Because when someone reads a book in bright light, the other might want to sleep.

what is a good lighting project

It is a project with sufficient light coming from the right direction and not causing obscure shadows. It also has good, but not excessive, contrast between the task and the background in addition to limited glare and limited extreme contrast. Finally, good lighting means there is the right type of light for the situation and environment lighting designer has illuminated.

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