How to light a living room?

Actualizado: 21 abr 2021

Most of our rooms are designed for specific tasks like (showering, cooking, eating, watching TV, sleeping), the living room hosts a wide range of activities. Depending on what time, the room will be used for different activities, a meeting with friends, our reading area, a corner with a showcase, or a meal. This multipurpose space needs layered lighting depending on the activity to be carried out.

application ideas for modern living room
Lighting Project ideas - modern living room -

Table of contents

1. Description

2.Types of lighting

3. TV light / Cabinet Lighting

4. Reading area

5. Variety of lighting products for a living room

6. Basic parameters for an accuracy lighting

Correct lighting in a living room must merge design and technology, it is very important to apply the appropriate lighting parameters to obtain the maximum visual performance in all areas.

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nelux application ideas for your lighting projects
Application ideas - ambient lighting , task lighting and accent lighting


Enlightening the living room. First of all, before starting to make decisions about the lighting of the room, it is important to know the utility and tasks that are going to be developed in a room in order to know the lighting that is going to be necessary.

It is necessary to know, if the room is only going to be considered a special meeting place, or it is going to be a room for daily use where you will eat, spend time having tea or coffee wi