Nelux have created a serious and reliable brand for all products we produce and distribute , a lot of  customers can’t wait to get it , do you want to be our distributor?. We are ready to be established a presence on leading marketplaces. The next step is you so we are waiting for your comments and establish a long term commitment to distribute our products.

We are ready to help our distributors to work with retailers and get our product into stores across your country. Nelux want dramatically to increase your lighting sales, with high quality and reliable service and help you reach untapped market.

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Why work with importers-distributors?

Nelux do not need wholesaler that stocks a large number of products and sells them to retailers. We want to make your life easier, we want our importers-distributors show up our products for your lighting projects. Our products are high end quality , so your work is to promote to get important projects.


Ways to sell our products

Due to our high quality of our products we recommend our distributors to aim our products to lighting projects such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, private houses, museums  commercial malls, sell directly to lighting professionals and lighting designers.

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Which importers-distributor nelux needs?

This should be based on:

  • Distributor size: Nelux want to work with a distributor that can accommodate your business without ignoring it. If the distributor is extremely large, Nelux will not get the attention our business needs.Due to our special lighting products.

  • Distributor expertise: Nelux want a distributor with proven expertise. For example, Nelux want distributors who understand the business and technical aspects of light thoroughly.

  • Business goals and values: Nelux need a distributor sharing our goals and values. .




Any question feel free to contact us, click on photo and you can check all available possibilities to contact us

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If you want to develop a new product, just let us know click on photo and you will see the process.



If you are interested to be our distributor in a specific area please let us know , and we will study with you, this important issue.