How to light a room

How to light a kitchen

As in everything in life, in design we need a balance, the balance between general lighting and task lighting is very important, as it allows us to carry out all the activities that take place in a kitchen, with adequate vision and without excesses or deficiencies of illumination.


Suitable luminaires for our kitchen

We make a selection of all our luminaires that are the most suitable for your kitchen projects, islands, under cabinets, showcases, countertops and pantry


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How to light a bathroom

A bathroom or washroom is a room,  in a home or other residential building, that contains either a bathtub or a shower, a mirror and must be illuminated with ambient lighting , task lighting and if bathroom is big enough with accent lighting.


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Suitable luminaires for our bathroom

We have made a meticulous selection of all our luminaires to obtain the most suitable technical and design parameters for your bathroom, toilet and shower projects, and to obtain the highest efficiency.