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Valentiae lighting product studio is an independent lighting design consultancy working across a wide range of products for our clients' projects; we produce and advice our clients in the type of products useful for their projects from hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces to landscape and residential lighting design. Our team of professional lighting products designers have over 25 years experience in the lighting industry with an established reputation. First and foremost we listen to our clients and work with you every step of the way; developing a custom lighting plan and implementing it into your space. We know our field inside out bringing professional input and experience to ensure your projects will have the accurate products without any hitches.

Our product knowledge and experience with for  25 years and since 2010 in Hong Kong provide a background you would most likely not otherwise be aware of, using the latest reliable technologies to provide flexibility and save you money. Our technical knowledge guarantees correct light levels, compliance with current regulations, bringing you the look and performance that you need for the lighting products, but saving energy and money as well. As independent product designers, we customize products that bring your spaces to life but also offer great value we can develop ideas you have and we can make them real, working with you and your budget. Our team will ultimately speed everything along, saving you considerable time and effort doing research and heading off unforeseen headaches.

We believe high-quality lighting products is fundamental to the success of any project. Creativity and excellent product knowledge are essential when it comes to designing the right product, and we pride ourselves on both; but it’s our passion, flexibility, and personal approach that really set us apart.

How much does it cost to design and build your own lighting fixtures?

To design your own lighting fixtures for your lighting project we have in our company the design thinking and exploring the environment for creative problem-solving. Whether our clients are designing a new product or modifying and reinventing an old product to update it, or we design your own light fixtures we are here to add our little grain of sand. To create and produce with success a new product in the lighting market, we think innovation, simplicity, functionality, high quality and a competitive price are the main issues. We could develop each of these points but it is not our goal at this moment, here we intend to tell our customers the cost of each phase. Design your own lighting fixtures by our team can take a cost from 200 USD to 3000 USD. Why this wide interval? the complexity in the development of the idea that our client provides is what determines its cost. Always indicating the time dedicated to it and the team responsible for the project. The cost of design a lighting product for your lighting project does not include the cost of tooling-molds and unit-production cost. All these prices are only indicative because each project is different according to customer needs.

How much does it cost to produce a lighting product mold for your lighting project?

Cost to produce a lighting product mold for your lighting is decisive for the decision to make.  The mold cost to create a small piece of aluminum such as a recessed downlight can range between  1500 USD and  6,000 USD. Injecting the pieces has a cost of 0.9 USD to 4.5 USD/ per unit depending on thickness, aluminum quality, and complexity. This cost only includes what is the core of the piece, all the different accessories will imply an increase in the cost of the product plus the LED brand, the driver brand, the assembly, the packaging and labeling. All these prices are only indicative because each project is different according to customer needs.

How long is the product cycle FOR A NEW DEVELOPMENT?

The product development cycle since we start the design until we obtain the first samples it is a 2 months cycle.



2 to 3 weeks

tooling machining -mold

4 to 6 weeks


1 to 2 weeks

Delivery to client

1  week


3 weeks

What is the real cost of the new product development process and mold cost for your lighting project?

It is important to specify and emphasize that the minimum recommended quantity (MRQ) to be able to develop a product and be commercially interesting is a minimum of 2000 units for the first order and subsequently minimum orders of 1000 units. We can give an example of product development and free tooling machining: If we have a mold cost of  2500 USD for a spotlight and the MRQ is 2000 units the cost per unit is 1.25 USD plus led brand, driver brand, wire, and spring.

How to get free mold? we make a budget to your company and make a precise study of pieces needed to be produced and the mold is free of charge with quantity established depending on product cots. These costs depending on the quality of materials, it is important to remark Valentiae only work with high-end brands giving to our clients 5 years warranty. All these prices are only indicative because each project is different according to customer needs.

How much does it cost to deliver goods to Europe or America?

It can be by sea or air shipment. The shipment will always be valued for its volume or weight valuing the higher value. We recommend with a maximum load of 1CBM express agency using DHL, TNT-FEDEX, UPS, over 1CBM an air charger is advisable and you can save cost by picking up at the airport.

Regarding shipping, it is advisable from 1CBM to LCL or container. We recommend shipping with freight forwarders belonging to the city receiving the merchandise as they can provide a better price for pickup and delivery.

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