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General Description

Class magnetic track light


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Magnetic track

General description Magnetic track light 

Aluminium Alloy body, Small and delicate, simple and pleasing shape Track system have three installation options: Celling version, Pendant version, Recessed version.Suitable for different application enviorment No need for tool installation, the magnetic structure is embedded, it can be moved at any time, and the replacement operation is simple and convenient. The luminaire module has various combinations of floodlighting, wall washing and spotlighting to meet the point, linear and surface lighting requirements of the space structure. The system is powered by DC 48V, which is safe, efficient and energy-saving. It can be widely used in commercial shops. Suitable for DALi/ 1-1 Ov/Phase-cut dimming.

With the magnetic fixation, all modules can be installed, repositioned and switched in the profile easily, without the need of any tools.

There are different types of connection modules and luminaires which provide maximum flexibility in projects that run along walls, ceilings, or a combination of both. 



Offices, retail shops, commercial mall, hotel, apartments, hospitals, schools, public buildings, museums, restaurants, coffee-shops, pubs,.

Application ideas

Application ideas

magnetic system application

Here we can see the application of the magnetic system with a specific and general lighting made by the lighting designer in a restaurant, giving a modern and minimalist character highlighting the central bar.

6 Home-Office-2-1000x811.jpg

Application project idea of the magnetic system with spot lighting and surface track light highlighting the components of the room.

Magnetic Track light

Class Magnetic track light system is a new decorative, minimalist lighting system for a modern projects,creating the vertical and horizontal styles on the wall and ceiling to meet your lighting project ideas. 

Magnetic track light is a low voltage track with aluminum housing and adapters of the light fixture are installed using magnets, which gives you the flexibility to combine them in a variety of ways, powered by an AC110-277V to DC48V transformer for whole track system.


Track rail made from the high grade aluminum extrusions that can be recessed,surface mounted and pendant installation. the track rail has the invisible conductive copper strip on both sides inside the track. and the lighting circuit is max 15amp for this track.


Light fixture

Different light fixture can be available for the magnetic track light system: spots,linear,grille,wallwasher and pendants. each light fixture is designed with the magnetic adapter. it means- can be toolfree positioned and repositioned into the track rail, thanks to their magnetic fixation, making it comfortable for the user to adapt the lighting according to the specific setting of the room. 

the adapter is the lamp-holding fixtures. each has two metal tabs that connect it to the conductive copper strip inside the has the magnet at the bottom of the adapter, suck the fixture on the iron bar in the track, besides, there are two lock device on the adapter to further secure the luminaire to ensure that it will not fall out of the track.Toolfree positioning, adjusting and focusing of light to meet specific needs of the room with this adapter.

What is the dimming types of magnetic track light?

So far, the dimming version for magnetic track light is 0-10V, DALI, 2.4G, WIFI, Bluetooth and Zigbee. only 0-10V and DALI are necessary to wire the additional signal cable to the track. 2.4G, WIFI, Bluetooth and Zigbee are wireless controlled by Tuya platform. It is considered to choose the best way for your project according to the real situation.



Accesories are the other components essential to install your track wherever you need and make the design you desire.


Magnetic track nelux MT2627.jpg

magnetic track system,

Light fixture

magnetic luminaire nelux.jpg



suspended cable

end cap


Track connectors


Applications IDEAS

The magnetic track light system Class is the perfect light system for the living room,  , the kitchen, the bedroom, restaurant, hotel lobby, office,  , modern areas , retail shops, commercial mall, apartments, hospitals, schools, public buildings, museums, coffee-shops, pubs,.

Magnetic track light catalog 

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