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Led ceiling lights | plafon series  for lighting designers

Led ceilings lights series to achieve perfect lighting that adds luxury to any led project lighting and allows you to give to the area a special charm. This led ceiling lights series can be  also dimmable. These high-quality led ceiling light are giving for your led lighting projects more design flexibility and providing you with the possibility to arrange your interior lighting ideas exactly the way you desire. We recommend the ceiling surface light series for applications such as hotels, apartments, museums, corridors, offices, and retail shops . Ceiling light surface mount are made from aluminum die-casting electrostatic powder coating. Reflectors made from aluminum anodized specular silver. Brands used in assembling citizen, cree, bridgelux. Any information you require for your lighting projects please contact us Whatsapp +852 5342 5197 for your immediate consultations otherwise contact us by email, skype, wechat,  or by telephone, we are here to solve your problems.

Led ceiling lights | product questions

Q1: Customer - this unit has a built-in led board. If that fails I presume it can't be replaced. Is that the case?
. Are they easily available, Is there a full range to cover all the different lumen options, And at what cost?
A1: Valentiae by nelux This product's LEDs are not replaceable, as a rule, nor are the LED modules.
I see other ceiling lights have lamp holders for bulbs but in this case, have led modules. If they fail we must produce a new product it is worthless to be replaced

If an LED replacement is available it will be in the related products with lamp holders. About lumens, there is no problem always according to product performance, very important to have enough hot dissipation.

Q2: Customer-Is this light a cool white, neutral white or a warm white, please?
A2: Valentiae by nelux-All these ceiling lights are providing according to our client's orders, so there is no problem with your choice, you choose the color temperature you want and we will produce according to your election.

Q3: Customer-Do the ceiling lights have to be cut to accommodate part of the fitting or is it completely surface mounted?
A3: Valentiae by nelux-Our led ceiling lights plafones series noo part of this light needs to be recessed, it is all completely surface mounted. We have other led ceiling lights some parts are recessed.

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