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Outdoor Bollard lights are versatile.

Must be installed outdoor everywhere in urban and suburban areas, bollard lights are commonly used to illuminate outdoor areas. Used as pathway lights in commercial, municipal, hospitality, and residential applications, bollard lights provide illumination for enhanced security and ambiance. Nelux outdoor lighting as bollard lights are available in a huge variety of styles, colors, finishes, and sizes to provide the pathway lights you need for your lighting project.

Bollard lights typically used in public and private areas used as walkway lights.

pathway light in a high-end lighting project

what does led BOLLARD mean?

LED Bollard light is the newly & modern pathway and walkways light. Bollard lights can provide a more stylish look to your installation. High quality led bollard fittings to play a very significant role in your entire project.

Bollard lights are the best replacement for traditional outdoor lights. You can choose from different styles, colors, finishes, and sizes. if you need our catalog please contact us. see below our email.

BR12080A last bollard designs for your lighting projects


Bollard lights main features

1. Fashionable

2. Big range of shapes and sizes

3. Commonly used in outdoor public and private areas

3. No flickering

5. High-quality products

6. Save money

7. 3 years warranty

For any more information about our wide range of bollard lights please contact us in sales01@nelux.com.hk


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