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An excess or defect in the lighting a hotel room will cause vision problems, the quality and adequate levels and distribution of lighting in the area to be illuminated are very important, we need light to help people feel better.

When we arrive at a hotel for work or pleasure, the first thing we want to do is leave the suitcase, lie down on the bed, or take a shower in the bathroom. For all this it is essential to have adequate light, and on multiple occasions, it has happened to us that we have arrived in the room, we turn on the light and we say to ourselves, no light here, my gosh¡

Big problem ,being that we cannot work properly with our laptop, cannot read for a while, or look at our mobile. We are going to explain in greater detail those aspects that we consider necessary for lighting up a hotel room.

nelux application ideas
Hong Kong hotel with lamp shades

Considering the fact that each of us perceives the light in a different way, therefore it will be necessary that the fixtures can be individually switched on and regulated directly by the guests, so as to facilitate their use: the environment is new for the guest, therefore it is good that you also provide a control panel at the side of the bed, easily interpretable.

There are different lighting needs for working, reading and relaxation areas in the room. Therefore, different types of lighting elements should be used together in the room.

Double rooms should have separate task lighting for both guests. These lights should be controlled separately. Because when someone reads a book in bright light, the other might want to sleep.

what is a good lighting project

It is a project with sufficient light coming from the right direction and not causing obscure shadows. It also has good, but not excessive, contrast between the task and the background in addition to limited glare and limited extreme contrast. Finally, good lighting means there is the right type of light for the situation and environment lighting designer has illuminated.

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  5. CCT(colour temperature)

  6. TV light






A hotel room is a place where various tasks are carried out, sleeping, reading, working, showering, all of which requires sufficient light, without reflections, or high contrasts that impair our vision.

fdo: Nelo Verdés

nelux application ideas for your lighting projects
Application ideas - ambient lighting , task lighting and accent lighting


Lighting a hotel room. First of all, before starting to make decisions about the lighting of the room, it is important to know the utility and tasks that are going to be developed in a room in order to know the amount of light is going to be necessary.

It is necessary to know the multiple tasks can be developed in a hotel room, of course sleep but work, read, relax, watch TV, have breakfast, all these activities require different types of lighting, but it is very important that we must have a general light, also a specific one for each activity, avoiding leaving dark areas.

Control of the general lighting should be at the entrance of the room. Guests should be able to turn on the lights as soon as they enter the room. The light opened from the room entrance must be turned off with the key on the side of the bed. In this way, the guest does not have to wake up to turn off the lights before going to sleep.

Although comfort in a hotel room comes before energy saving, the savings to be made in this area should not be forgotten. It will be useful to use energy-efficient lighting technologies throughout the room.

It is very convenient to work with different layers of lighting. As we mentioned, the hotel room can combine different types of tasks, therefore each one must be considered differently, to apply the appropriate lighting to the room, we have three types of lighting: Ambient light, task light , and acce


2.1 Ambient lighting:

Ambient lighting, or what is commonly called as general lighting, serves as the primary source of light for a certain room. It is the foundation of all the lighting of a room. It works to provide a comfortable level of illumination without too much glare. This allows you to navigate an entire room safely too. In addition to natural light if you have one, you have to know how to play with both types of light. At nelux as lighting product designers, product mould management and distributors we advise that the ambient light installed on the ceiling should be as uniform as possible, with a suitable color temperature where there is no glare, you can do it with a combination of recessed (downlight), spotlights. track, magnetic projectors, surface lighting, or with a pendant lamp.

Hotel room illuminated with sconce light, track light and pendant light

nelux application ideas
Hotel room illuminated with sconce light, track light and pendant nlight

2.2 Task light:

Although ambient lighting is used to allow us to see and access all areas of the room, it sometimes leaves shadows or lack of lighting in specific areas that require more attention. With the help of task lighting, it allows us greater visibility in special areas like reading area in the room. At Nelux, the options that we propose for lighting tasks in a hotel room include from tilting recessed, track projectors, wall lights, floor lamps, or table lamps, allowing an increase in visual efficiency and avoiding fatigue while reading.

Often task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity. The most important purpose of task lighting is not increasing illuminance, but improving contrast. General lighting can be reduced because task lighting provides focused light where needed. However, the illuminance level is not the only factor governing visibility. Contrast is also important, and a poorly positioned light source may cause contrast reduction, resulting in loss of visibility.

2.3. Accent light:

Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight art to draw attention to different decoration elements or any other area or products you want to show up. Common types of accent lights include led strips, sconce light, recessed lights with narrow beam angle, torchère lamps, or track lighting all these products you can find in our catalog. The brighter light from the accent lamp creates visual interest to a room. It is the lighting that allows you to highlight your favourite elements, a painting, a showcase, a bookcase, a table , a carpet.


When selecting a paint color, use the LVR to understand how bright or dark the paint will make a room may appear. By selecting a more reflective paint, you may be able to reduce the required number of light fixtures and improve the overall uniformity of light, but of course it all depends on hotel owner. The LRV rating can be found on the back of most color chips or throughout the index of many major paint supplier brands. Combined with the correct Kelvin color temperature and a high color rendering index (CRI) light bulbs, your dream space is right at your fingertips

When it is necessary to illuminate, the light source is not the only element to take into account. Light interacts with matter, absorbs it or reflects it. The lighting within a space, for example, will not be the same in rooms composed of different materials, for the reason that these have different reflectance indices.

In this section, it is not intended to indicate how we should paint a hotel room, but to indicate how it will influence the reflectance of light. Every paint color is assigned an LRV — its Light Reflectance Value — and this number will help you determine how much light the paint will reflect / absorb. The scale is black/zero to white/100. A low number means dark, a high number means light — and bright!

nelux application ideas
light color mixing to reflect light

LRV = Light Reflectance Value speaks strictly to the lightness or darkness of a colour.

The LRV is the total quantity of visible and useable light reflected by a surface in all directions and at all wavelengths when illuminated by a light source. The LRV is a measurement that tells you how much light a colour reflects, and conversely how much it absorbs. LRV runs on a scale from 0% to 100%. Zero assumed to be an absolute black and 100% being an assumed perfectly reflective white. An absolute black or perfectly reflecting white does not exist in our everyday terms. Approximately speaking, the average blackest black has a LRV of 5% and the whitest white 85%. Below the mid-point of 50% the colour will tend to be darker absorbing more light than it will reflect back into the room. Thus, an interior lighting plan that accounts for the darker colour should be a priority. Colours with LRV higher than 50% will be lighter and will reflect more light back into the room than is absorbed.


4.1 Glare explanation

It is a must to put the light in the right place, if you are a lighting designer, you care about human comfort and about balancing visual comfort and light distribution, use lighting products that allow you to control the flow of light and with optics to focus where you want and with a perfect light distribution.

There are two types of glare: discomfort glare and disability glare: one introduces discomfort and the other inhibits the ability to see clearly. However, light quantity doesn’t solely define glare. Shining a light in someone’s eyes at night will have a different effect than shining a light in someone’s eyes on a bright afternoon. The glare response has to do with current vision adaptation levels.

Discomfort glare doesn’t affect vision but makes you want to look away from the light. You may put your hand up to shield your eyes from a bright light in a parking lot, but you can still see. Disability glare reduces contrast and your ability to see. Bright headlights coming at you as you drive create scatter in the eye and a smear of light on the retina that washes out the retinal image. The result: Your ability to see the roadway ahead is hindered.

nelux application ideas
Led strips in the ceiling for accent lighting

4.2 Five ideas to reduce glare Glare is controlled by adjusting the light source or the surface reflecting it and by filtering light before it reaches the eyes. Ways to reduce glare:

  • Filter & diffuse light. Use filtered light instead of direct light, which causes the most glare. Diffuse light with lamp shades or accessories like honeycombs.

  • Adjust work areas. Make sure work surfaces have a dull or matte finish since shiny surfaces reflect light more. Even adjusting colors on walls and ceilings can add contrast and reduce glare in work areas.

  • Adjust light level. Although light level does impact visual performance, it’s not always brighter light levels that are needed. Often, raising the overall light level can help with contrast and thus visibility.

  • Add a desk lamp. In some situations, adding a desk lamp for viewing paper documents helps significantly by illuminating the document while avoiding excessive light on the computer screen. Just make sure the lamp doesn’t cause additional glare off a computer monitor.

  • Use adjustable lighting. Make sure light is adjustable for dimness or brightness to suit the situation.

nelux application ideas
Hong Kong hotel with spot lights

5. CCT- Colour temperature

In order for guests to feel familiar with this space, warm colored lighting, i.e. from 2700 to 3000 K, will be needed: avoid strong contrasts and glare due to direct or indirect light along the main viewing axes, but look for the right balance between contrasts to create movement and avoid bright monotony.

As for reading in bed, can be useful a directional luminaire, or on a wall lamp with diffused light. Without delving into the subject and informing in a simple way, we can say that the recommended color temperature for ambient lighting in the hotel room should be between 2700-3000K while for the reading area we bet on 4000K or higher and remember for TV back lighting ~6500K. If you want we develope more information about CCT let us know ,you can leave a comment on the blog (become a member) and we will answer you very quickly.

6.TV light

Poor lighting in the television area can significantly strain your eyes and increase your chances of headaches and decrease your overall enjoyment and comfort. It is very important to create a comfortable, high-contrast viewing experience with bias lighting. What a bias lighting is , it is the type of lighting helps reduce eyestrain caused by long exposures to television screen but also helps make the greys and blacks on the screen appear more intense. The bias light is placed behind a television to increase the ambient light around the screen.

Bias lighting is any light source placed behind the viewing surface.

It is very important because it increases the level of ambient light in your field of vision, your eyes will still receive the same amount of light from the screen, but the additional light around it corrects the imbalance between light and dark that existed before. This relieves the workload on the eyes and protects the headaches, dry eyes, ocular migraines, and vision problems that can accompany this situation.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a bias light for your television (aside from the physical consideration of whether the light actually fits behind the screen) is the color temperature... more information


Considering that reading is a visual task moderately easy , 300lux is advisable and if you are going to carry out a somewhat more complex task at the hotel table, such as working with the computer for a significant amount of time, in tasks that may require more visual concentration we recommend 500lux.

nelux applications ideas
lighting Reading area with sconces light or lamp shades

Wall lamp , shade lamp, track light, magnetic track, are some of the most convenient way to bring lovely lighting to the gorgeous reading area in the room, also slim floor lamps with flexible arms that can be adjusted easily for more focused lighting.

Recessed lighting combined with a floor lamp, pendant or even sconce light is the best way forward to evenly illuminate the reading area. The idea is to create different layers of illumination with one complementing and enhancing the other. Do not neglect the importance of recessed lighting and fixate on floor lamps alone while planning for the reading area. This could lead to a space that is unevenly lit and is filled with ungainly shadows.

A wide range of reading lights for your new hotel room light project

wall light-reading light from NELUX THE
• 1.64MB


When lighting specifier design the hotel room wants to make the best relaxation place, so how you light your bathroom is very important. You must apply the fundamentals of lighting, the "light layers" or layers of light, to obtain adequate lighting. You need lighting for tasks, to make up, shave, etc. accent light when you want to relax in the bathroom ... and mood lighting for general bathroom lighting.

Avoid shadows, the best way to illuminate the dressing table is to place two, three, four recesses depending on the size of the bathroom, mounted on the ceiling 40 cm from the mirror at eye level, this creates cross lighting and we recommend 10W per recessed .

In the bathtub, a low-voltage 12V luminaire with low power 3W can be recessed into the ceiling, using it as accent lighting, it will decorate the space and offer a warm and pleasant environment. Low-level ambient lighting can be used in bathroom furniture hidden under countertops and cabinets, using led strips allowing you to access the bathroom in the middle of the night. The lux we recommend for bathroom is for general lighting 150~300lux

and for Task lighting: Make up - Shave 500~700lux ... more information

nelux downlight application
Bathroom with downlight



Ambient lighting: general lighting 150~300lux

Task lighting: Work , reading 300~500lux

Accent lighting: 150~200lux


Ambient lighting: general lighting 150~300lux

Task lighting: Make up - Shave 500~700lux

Generally, 150 lux light levels are sufficient in the hotel room and bathroom. In the areas covered by the task lights in the room, 500 lux light level is recommended.

The use of warm white, yellow light sources in the hotel room will have a relaxing effect on your guests. In the selection of fixtures to be used for the lighting of the hotel room, the overall design and colors of the room should be taken into consideration. Lighting fixtures to be used in the bathroom of the hotel room must be resistant to water, dust, and moisture AND The body must be made of stainless steel material ... more information


Here we present 4 very interesting series for your lighting projects: HOMI, COMPAK, ELVOU, and HIFEN, if you want our new 2021 catalog contact us.

HOMI and COMPAK series for recessed ceiling with multiple possibilities both fixed and tilting and with different beam angle, ideal to achieve adequate ambient lighting for a hotel room

• 7.86MB

ELVOU series, in those ceilings where you cannot recess, what better than the elvou series of great design, and good performance

PD • 984KB

HIFEN series , multiple options and possibilities with HIFEN series, for ambient, accent and task lighting.

PDF • 4.03MB


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