How to light a living room?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Most of our rooms are designed for specific tasks like (showering, cooking, eating, watching TV, sleeping), the living room hosts a wide range of activities. Depending on what time, the room will be used for different activities, a meeting with friends, our reading area, a corner with a showcase, or a meal. This multipurpose space needs layered lighting depending on the activity to be carried out.

application ideas for modern living room
Lighting Project ideas - modern living room -

Table of contents

1. Description

2.Types of lighting

3. TV light / Cabinet Lighting

4. Reading area

5. Variety of lighting products for a living room

6. Basic parameters for an accuracy lighting

Correct lighting in a living room must merge design and technology, it is very important to apply the appropriate lighting parameters to obtain the maximum visual performance in all areas.

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Application ideas - ambient lighting , task lighting and accent lighting