How to light a living room?

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Most of our rooms are designed for specific tasks like (showering, cooking, eating, watching TV, sleeping), the living room hosts a wide range of activities. Depending on what time, the room will be used for different activities, a meeting with friends, our reading area, a corner with a showcase, or a meal. This multipurpose space needs layered lighting depending on the activity to be carried out.

application ideas for modern living room
Lighting Project ideas - modern living room -

Table of contents

1. Description

2.Types of lighting

3. TV light / Cabinet Lighting

4. Reading area

5. Variety of lighting products for a living room

6. Basic parameters for an accuracy lighting

Correct lighting in a living room must merge design and technology, it is very important to apply the appropriate lighting parameters to obtain the maximum visual performance in all areas.

fdo: Nelo Verdés

nelux application ideas for your lighting projects
Application ideas - ambient lighting , task lighting and accent lighting


Enlightening the living room. First of all, before starting to make decisions about the lighting of the room, it is important to know the utility and tasks that are going to be developed in a room in order to know the lighting that is going to be necessary.

It is necessary to know, if the room is only going to be considered a special meeting place, or it is going to be a room for daily use where you will eat, spend time having tea or coffee with family or friends, if The little ones will have a lot of life in the living room, and they will also watch TV, and will have their reading area. All these activities require different types of lighting, but it is very important that we must have a general light, also a specific one for each activity, avoiding leaving dark areas and also very important an accent lighting that allows to highlight certain areas, showcases, a column, paintings that we want to highlight , etc.

The living room is one of the areas where a great variety of tasks can be developed, it is very convenient to work with different layers of lighting. Working on the design and technical parameters necessary to have adequate and correct lighting in the living room is one of the important lighting activities within the home. As we have mentioned, the living room can combine different types of tasks, therefore each one must be considered differently, to apply the appropriate lighting to the room, we have three types of lighting.

Ambient light, task light , and accent light.

how to light your living room
Light project ideas - avant-garde salon with light colours

2.Types of lighting

2.1 Ambient lighting:

Ambient lighting, or what is commonly called as general lighting, serves as the primary source of light for a certain room. It is the foundation of all the lighting of a room. It works to provide a comfortable level of illumination without too much glare. This allows you to navigate an entire room safely too.

The room is a place for gathering and conversation. Ambient lighting is the main source of light in the living room, in addition to natural light if you have one, you have to know how to play with both types of light. At nelux as product designers, manufacturers and distributors we advise that the ambient light installed on the ceiling should be as uniform as possible, with a suitable color temperature, where there is no glare, you can do it with a combination of recessed (downlight), spotlights. track, magnetic projectors, surface lighting, or with a pendant lamp.

The Tegal series highly recommended for ambient lighting in the living room

SL8035S (TEGAL series)

  • Input Voltage AC220-240V, Multivoltage

  • Light Power 5W/7W

  • Luminous lux ~450lm/~630lm

  • Light Source CREE, other options available Citizen,

  • CCT 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

  • CRI 80 as standard, CRI90, 95, 97

  • Beam Angle 25°, 36°, 45°, 60°

  • Driver, Khun, Xz, Philips other options available

  • Dimmable 0-10V, Triac , Dali as an option

2.2 Task light:

Although ambient lighting is used to allow us to see and access all areas of the room, it sometimes leaves shadows in areas that require more attention. With the help of task lighting, it allows us greater visibility in special areas like reading area in the living room. At Nelux, the options that we propose for lighting tasks in a living room include from tilting recessed, track projectors, to floor lamps, or table lamps, allowing an increase in visual efficiency and avoiding

fatigue while reading.

Often task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity. The most important purpose of task lighting in the reading nook is not increasing illuminance, but improving contrast. General lighting can be reduced because task lighting provides focused light where needed. However, the illuminance level is not the only factor governing visibility. Contrast is also important, and a poorly positioned light source may cause contrast reduction, resulting in loss of visibility.

BL50732 Bed Lamp

  • The perfect lamp for reading

  • Both bed reading lamp and night light, dimming by touch anyplace on the board, minimum brightness down to 10%.

  • Flexible silicone arm and exquisite finish, perfect for home and hotel

  • Functions two functions reading and sleeping

  • Flexible hose adjusting to any angle

  • Touching housing for sleeping and button for reading

2.3. Accent light:

Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight art or any other area or products you want to show up. Common types of accent lights include wall sconces, recessed lights with narrow beam angle, torchère lamps, or track lighting all these products you can find in our catalog. The brighter light from the accent lamp creates visual interest to a room. It is the lighting that allows you to highlight your favourite elements, a painting, a showcase, a bookcase, a cabinet with family photos, a carpet, the Christmas tree, or the toys of the Kings or Santa Claus .

KH-8127 18W

  • Aluminium die casting housing

  • Color:Black

  • With lens, led and Driver

  • With Magnetic KH adapter

  • Beam Angle:15°/35°/48°

  • Power:18W

  • LED Osram 3030

3. Lighting in TV, cabinet and showcases

3.1. Lighting in TV

Poor lighting in the television area can significantly strain your eyes and increase your chances of headaches and decrease your overall enjoyment and comfort. It is very important to create a comfortable, high-contrast viewing experience with bias lighting. What a bias lighting is , it is the type of lighting helps reduce eyestrain caused by long exposures to television screen but also helps make the greys and blacks on the screen appear more intense. The bias light is placed behind a television to increase the ambient light around the screen.

Bias lighting is any light source placed behind the viewing surface.

It is very important because it increases the level of ambient light in your field of vision, your eyes will still receive the same amount of light from the screen, but the additional light around it corrects the imbalance between light and dark that existed before. This relieves the workload on the eyes and protects the headaches, dry eyes, ocular migraines, and vision problems that can accompany this situation.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a bias light for your television (aside from the physical consideration of whether the light actually fits behind the screen) is the color temperature.

Light bulbs have a color temperature listed using the Kelvin Color Temperature Scale. (if you want a wide explanation comment below and we will do a full blog about color temperature). The lower the number, the warmer and more red the light; the higher the number, the cooler and more blue the light. Candle flames are 1,900K. They are very warm and cast a reddish/yellow light.

While any bias lighting is better than no bias lighting as far as eye strain is concerned, if you want bias lighting that not only relieves your eye strain but actually makes the content you’re viewing look better, you’ll need the right bulb. You want a bulb temperature that is as close as possible (if not identical) to the reference point used in the industry that both manufactures the screens you’re looking and creates content for said screens. That temperature is 6500K.

como iluminar una cocina - nelux
Ideas para tus proyectos - Iluminación de tareas y ambiental con proyectores y lámpara suspendida

3.2.Cabinet and showcases Lighting

  • Tape Lights (LED Strip Lights) Tape lights are a fantastic choice if you have an extremely shallow or flat under cabinet recess.

  • Rope Lights. Rope lights are easy to install, requiring simple mounting clips and a transformer, but they can also be easily removed. Ideal for accent lighting, while they are still thin enough to stay well-concealed, rope lights are slightly larger than led strip lights and cannot be bent at a 90-degree angle without damaging them. However, they work well in rounded corners.

  • Batten light it is a linear light brighter than rope and led strip lights, batten lights are an excellent option if you intend to use your under cabinet lights for task lighting, and they come in several different lengths.

  • Puck Lights. Puck lights are round, similar in appearance to a hockey puck. these lights are also useful, but sometimes it seems they have a lack of light.

4. Reading area

Poor lighting can ruin the visual appeal of even the most beautifully crafted reading nook.

Floor lamps is one of the most convenient way to bring lovely lighting to the gorgeous reading nook. They are easy to incorporate and unlike recessed lighting, you can simply move them around as you revamp the living room or bedroom decorating plan. Slim floor lamps with metallic finish are the most popular choice among homeowners and many of these elegant delights come with flexible arms that can be adjusted easily for more focused lighting.

A wide range of reading lights

wall light-reading light from NELUX THE
• 1.64MB

Recessed lighting combined with a floor lamp, pendant or even sconce light is the best way forward to evenly illuminate the reading nook. The idea is to create different layers of illumination with one complementing and enhancing the other. Do not neglect the importance of recessed lighting and fixate on floor lamps alone while planning for the reading nook. This could lead to a space that is unevenly lit and is filled with ungainly shadows.

5. Variety of lighting products for a living room

The variety of LED lighting products allows you to be very creative and imaginative in generating ambiences when lighting a living room. We have different types of luminaires to illuminate all areas of a living-room.

5.1 Recessed lighting

Recessed ceiling lights are an easy way to provide ambient lighting. For spaces that do not have much space or height, this type of luminaire, due to its compact profile, is very functional and can provide general lighting to your living room.

5.2. Suspended lamps

The choice of suspended or pendant lights is a complicated decision, as it will be the central element in the room and will give its personality. Suspended lights are most often used as an ambient lighting fixture and even to differentiate different areas in a big living room.

5.3. Surface mounted ceiling lights

Like flush mount lights, surface lights can be used in similar spaces and are very suitable for ambient lighting, but due to their mounting characteristics they have more decorative and stylish characteristics.

5.4.Track lighting

Track lighting, is a great option as it allows the rails/tracks to be installed on the ceiling and the versatility of the projectors allows us to place them wherever we want, depending on the opening angle that is installed we can use it as ambient or accent lighting .

We attach Our catalogs where you can see a wide variety of products for your lighting projects both in the living room and other areas for private homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping centres, stores etc.

We attach a link to the 2021 architectural lighting Catalog, please become a member to download it and also as a member we keep you updated with the latest news and product prices at all times)

Led strip catalog 2020-2021

The led strips are a very interesting product for accent lighting in cabinets, display cabinets, and to achieve ambient light in hidden in a false ceiling

led strips nelux
Lighting application ideas - led strip for your living room

Led strips Catalog 2020

Nelux New Led Strips 2020-2021
PDF • 6.30MB

Architectural lighting Catalog 2020

With a wide range of products, lighting designers, architects, decorators and interior designers can carry out any type of project with nelux products

NELUX 2020 CATALOG -compressed
PDF • 11.15MB

6. Basic parameters for an accuracy lighting in a living room

The foot-candle is equal to one lumen per square foot, this is the British measurement. Using the metric system an illumination amount of 1 lux equals 1 lumen per square meter. Therefore, one foot of candle is roughly equivalent to 10 lux or 10.57 lux.

Nelux and all manufacturers provide the lumens in the product box, is a must to know the luminous flux of the luminaire and therefore lighting professionals can make the appropriate calculations to know the number of units necessary to install in the project they are going to carry out. A higher number of lumens indicates a brighter and more intense light, while a lower number of lumens represents a dimmer lighting.

How many lumens do I need to light a room?

The level of illumination is measured in a unit called lux (lx), this unit is derived from another unit that we call lumen, which measures luminous flux. An illumination quantity of 1 lux equals 1 lumen per square meter.

For example, if a room is lit with surface mounted light of 2000 lumens and the surface is 30m2, we will have a lighting level of 66.66 lux.

1 lumen = 1lux x m2

Living room areas foot candles Lux

Ambient lighting living room 30-40 300lux

Cabinet lighting 70-80 500-600lux

Reading area 70-80 500-600lux

Dining area 30-40 300lux

Please important, these values consider a weighted average, as there are clients who want more illuminance than others as well as different countries need different amount of light and lighting professionals, lighting designers must advised them.

Therefore, if you want to know the number of lumens projected by your lamp or luminaire, you should consult the product packaging or consult our catalog of luminaires.

If you need more information you can leave a comment on the blog (become a member) and we will reply as soon as possible.

Recommended CCT for each living room area

Without delving into the subject and informing in a simple way, we can say that the recommended color temperature for ambient lighting in the living room is between 2700-3000K while for the reading area we bet on 4000K or higher and remember for bias lighting ~6500K. If you need more information you can leave a comment on the blog (become a member) and we will answer you very quickly.


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